Orlie Fernandez – Sylist

JeffOrlie Fernandez started his career at the age of 18 when he became one of the youngest  regional makeup artist Chanel Cosmetics had ever brought on. Through his time at The Fashion House he quickly realized the duality between fashion and beauty, and understood that the two were one in the same. After four years with the company he decided to change his focus. To him, entering into the world of hair seemed like a natural progression. Thus his true passion was born. An eye for detail and love of color fueled this passion. Drawing inspiration from fashion, film, and music keeps his love for hair current and fresh. A color educator for Calura keeps him grounded in the fundamentals of hair styling, as well as on top of current hair trends. After 16 years, he has truly found his place within the industry. For him true beauty is not simply created it is cultivated over time. Just like a career!

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