Christy Daniel – Hairstylist

ChristyDanielsStylistChristy is more than a hair dresser, she is a “Soul Dresser”. A 20 year veteran in the industry her goal is to make her clients feel comfortable and empowered, to make everyone feel the best they have ever looked. She connects with her clients by listening, believing that being an active listener results in a more vibrant looking you. “No one knows you better than you.” The dedication of her clients are proof that the philosophy works. They come to see her after they move and some even fly her out to do their hair – her biggest compliment.

Starting her career as a nail tech, she was quickly drawn into the more creative world of hair and has continued to learn and grow over the past 17 years. Beginning as an assistant at Sistos Salon on Larimer Square in Lodo, she soon moved on to full stylist at a small, boutique Boulder salon. Eventually ending up in Cherry Creek in her own studio, which was coincidentally next door to where Sandy worked, she found herself a year later working at ZenSalon. “Sandy is the only person I would have left my own space for. We have the same vision and work space expectations. She has always been someone I admire professionally, an amazingly precise artist. I have learned a lot from her over the years, both professionally and personally. ZenSalon is my home.”

Christy loves the ombre and all of the many different ways it can be done. “The versatility and simplicity of it… (it can be) so beautiful and soft, natural, or edgy and loud.” Inspired by nature, music, art, and photography the ombre is her signature move, but Christy is more than an expert ombrist. She specializes in the whole person and creates a cut that goes perfectly with the color. “They should be made for each other,” she says. She aims to make her cut and colors completely unique, just like her clients, bringing out their most virtuous qualities. “Look good, do good, feel good”, words from her daughter that she lives by.

Her advice for life… “The only thing that never changes is change, so embrace it!”

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